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Your mobile phone is your key. Unlock a door using Bluetooth, RFID, NFC or our signature LightSpeed Access method - a unique pattern of rapidly changing colors. We combine excellence in mechanical, electrical and software engineering with an intelligent approach to design to create the best access control systems ever built. This is just the beginning.



We provide access control systems for any kind of real estate. Each product includes hardware, software and server infrastructure components. We believe that the interplay between these three components is crucial; all product development in-house.


Protect your personal space behind the comfort of a 21st-century lock. Our affordable product allows easy management for the whole family while providing the peace of mind that your home is secure. Entertaining in-laws this weekend? Send them a digital key before they arrive. Key distribution and around-the-clock monitoring is only a few taps away.

LightAccess Pro

Our locks can be retrofitted to any door (European or American), and our system can be integrated with any pre-existing system using our signature Control Module or using our standard Lock Module. The versatile protocols supported by the access module allow for a smooth transition for your entire organization. And of course, our product comes with easy distribution and around-the-clock monitoring software.


Our LightCommand system allows administrators and common users alike to easily issue, revoke, and manage access to their doors. It showcases a flexible and intuitive interface to provide an at-a-glance overview of access as well as a simple, efficient experience for managing passes.


Connect LightLock commercial to existing corporate infrastructure.


Enjoy 24/7 access without additional administrative effort.


Send LightPasses to your guests right with the meeting invitation.


Various smart home components are integrated into our SmartDoor. It is the door of the future, which changes the way you enter your home, receive your guests and share access. Know exactly what is happening in front of your door, 24 hours a day. Our door panel combines elegant design and exceptional physical security.


Open your SmartDoor with any mobile phone.


Create, modify and delete access rights online.


Ensure you remain secure thanks to a fireproof and sound-protected wooden door panel.

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At 1aim, we design all product components in-house. Our team consists of engineers from a broad range of technical disciplines. We see ourselves as an engineering-driven technology company that influences how connected devices of the future will look and behave.


As little bureaucracy as possible. There are no daily stand-up meetings.


Moving to Berlin? We offer flats and a relocation service for new employees.


We have a lot of prototyping equipment. Feel free to use it for whatever you want.

Frontend Developer

The ability to send keys to other people from anywhere in the world is one of our products’ major advantages. Of course, we need great web frontends in order to do this. Most of our solutions are tailored specifically to customer needs, so functionality and design of our frontends has to differ from customer to customer.

In this position, you will work on the development of a highly modular system to create customer-specific frontends quickly and effortlessly. Additionally, you will work on custom-made frontends for pilots and other special projects.


Backend Developer

Our backend has to be both very reliable and extremely secure. If companies that are careless when it comes to security anger you, and if you ask yourself why so many people do not put any effort in to making their systems secure, you are probably a good fit for us.

We are looking for an experienced backend developer who loves taking on demanding tasks and is willing to develop a highly secure and reliable backend together with us. You will work in a small team which develops and maintains our backend.


Embedded Software Developer

Highly secure embedded software is essential to our products, which is why we develop our electronics from scratch. Our lab is full of all sorts of gear and software that go way beyond what might cross your mind when you think about access control, so you can be sure that you will find yourself in an exciting environment.

We love embedded engineers who have their own devices running in their free time, so, if you have worked on your own projects, be sure to send us information about them. Your tasks will include working on complex embedded architecture as well as simple solutions to get prototypes working.


Mobile App Developer

Allowing clients to receive keys on their mobile phones from anywhere in the world is one of the major advantages of all our products. In order to receive and use those keys we need great mobile apps. We are looking for a developer who likes the idea of working on a universal app for authentication.

You should have practical experience in creating native apps, ideally in your own projects for which you have developed apps completely on your own. In this position, you will work on mobile apps on whichever platform you choose to, in close cooperation with our in-house designers.


Mechanical Engineer

Mechanics are the heart of our devices; we love engineering things we’ve never seen anywhere else before. If you took your car apart before you were even allowed to drive it and had cars and airplane posters on your bedroom wall, we’re the right company for you.

We are looking for a passionate, hands-on mechanical engineer with the drive and ambition to build great mechanics. In a small mechanical team, you will take care of new products, from concept to manufacturing.


Electrical Engineer

We are looking for an electrical engineer who loves building great electronics. You should have practical experience in creating complex electronics from scratch, ideally in some of your own projects. If you like to make your boards as small and energy efficient as possible, you will certainly enjoy working with us.

In this position, you will develop electronics and take care of the development process from concept to manufacturing. Your first projects will include developing boards for one of our new access control devices. You will choose components, design the board, then prototype and test it in our lab.