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We're a young growing company that's all about creating impactful technology. Our desire to build better products is at the heart of everything we do.


1aim started out with a simple idea: Open any door with any phone in a highly secure way. Back in 2013, our co-founders Yann and Torben built prototypes of an access control system that would ultimately make that happen. Friends since high school, they have worked together on projects ever since they were 15 years old. With their background in software engineering, mechanical engineering and electronics, they thought that building an access control system would be easy. But they quickly discovered it would be much harder than they ever imagined.


In order to hire their first employees, the two moved from Yann’s hometown, Hanover, to Berlin. Their first office was in an office furniture storage facility, where Yann and Torben worked and lived for more than 1.5 years. It was then, in early 2015, that they secured their first funding and moved into a real office. A breakthrough came a year later, in 2016, when the world’s fourth largest door manufacturer, Hörmann Group, invested in 1aim. The partnership allows Hörmann to benefit from 1aim’s innovative thinking, and 1aim to leverage its knowledge and experience.


When Yann and Torben shipped out their first access control system to clients, they discovered a much larger potential. Companies were struggling to understand how to efficiently use their space and were unhappy with their employees’ poor workspace experience. They were surprised to find that not a single technology was available to solve these problems. After a bit of brainstorming, the friends saw that they could use 1aim’s unique ID dataset to create a platform that would both improve workspace efficiency and create a radically new user experience.


Today, 1aim is turning Yann and Torben’s vision of “buildings of the future” into reality. With more than 30 employees from over 20 countries, 1aim is working at the forefront of office space technology, pushing the boundaries in 21st-century hardware and software development.

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LIFE AT 1aim

We are a group of ambitious mechanical and electrical engineers, backend and frontend programmers, designers, business developers and creatives from over 20 countries. We are also firm believers in education and personal development, so we regularly host knowledge transfers, demo meetings and other events to share our knowledge with each other and maximize the benefit of our interdisciplinary team setup. We also encourage our employees to write articles, speak at events and support our partner “ethics-in-technology” think-tank.

A career at 1aim is for people driven by curiosity, purpose and a desire to influence the landscape of our future. In return for your contribution, 1aim offers a flexible schedule, competitive salary, paid vacation days, relocation assistance, healthcare, team events and, of course, fruit, water, coffee, tea and beer on tap.




We value the quality of our creations above all else.



We love working and enjoying life with like-minded individuals.



We don’t follow. We decide where things are headed.

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Yann Leretaille started programming and building complex electronics at an early age. His voracious desire to create technology turned him into a natural polymath. From creating printed circuit boards, to website UI, Yann can do it. He developed the first version of LightAccessPro by himself, and now directs a growing engineering team to advance 1aim’s technology.

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Torben Friehe has been fascinated with technology since he was a child, manifesting itself in a love for motor racing and mechanical engineering. He works with 1aims global partners and leads the expansion of the company into new businesses and markets. Torben enjoys discussing the technological vision behind 1aim and works tirelessly to turn it into reality.

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